Friday, August 17, 2012

New life, new blog.

Well people, I figured that it's time I start up a new blog for my new adventures. I wrote in my old blog,, between the middle of sophomore year until the end of senior year. It's definitely time to retire it. 

My summer has been all over the place, to say the least. It began with me starting a job, quitting said job, then signing up last minute for summer classes at the Y. I became a program director for BYU/SA, enrolled in the Honors Program, and earned A's in both my classes! I went to Nashville, Lagoon, the creek, Iosepa, and spent a lot of time on campus and at home. I started an early morning custodial job (yay?) and chopped more of my dead/fried hair off. Alonso and I became boyfriend/girlfriend but decided it wasn't going to work out during college and we don't feel the way we used to. I moved to Provo yesterday and am currently attending Late Summer Honors. By the time my freshman year officially begins in a week, I will have just under 70 completed credits! I'm excited to make some new friends and hopefully be asked on a few dates!

As for today, it kinda went like this:

We'll just leave it at that:)

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