Thursday, August 23, 2012

One of my favorite personality traits in the entire world is blunt honesty. I love it when people tell me exactly what they're thinking and feeling without beating around the bush. That's why I got along so well with the debate team. Everyone was so straightforward and to the point. I wish guys were like that. It would be much easier if they were clear and direct with me before I let my feelings show and end up embarrassing myself. Please. 

(end rant.)

In other news, today was the first of many things for me! I worked out, did my laundry, and grocery shopped! Of course I've done those things before, but not since moving out. My depression is like a dull, unrelenting pain in the back of my mind, but I'm trying harder than ever to distract myself and overcome my weaknesses. I'm making lots of friends and I feel like I'm becoming stronger and more confident every day. I'm improving a lot. I'm a little nervous for my classes, but I feel like this is a challenge I'm ready to face!

I love you all, especially the ohana.

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