Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Things I'm going to miss:

Visiting Louise and her pets Captain Butters (see above:) and Raggs
Listening to talk radio all day every day
Taking naps in Amelia's bed
Watching sports with my Dad
Walking to the swings at Eaglecrest Elementary
Competing in Debate/MUN tournaments
Date dances
My student council family
Spending lunch reading in the school library
Driving through the gully
Going to Walmart 5 times each week with Millie
The home ward
Dad's Thai curry
Stopping in to say "hi" to Honu every other hour

Things I'm excited for:

The admissions (natural selection) process at BYU
The Honors Program
Grocery shopping and doing laundry
Having a calling
Morning workouts before classes
Being a freshman/junior
Attending my dream school
Finding an internship
Being able to walk to church each week
Going on dates (hopefully...)
Frying ACC 200
Having girlfriends for the first time ever!
Planning the 5k Honor Run
Judging debate tournaments and getting free food

I am happy. Love you all:)

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