Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Things you probably didn't know about me:)

I prefer to shower in the dark. Weird, I know.
I'm allergic to chocolate. I haven't eaten it since 2007.
My favorite colors are navy blue and gray.
I super bad want Asian bangs, but I'm waiting for my hair to grow out.
I also want to dye my hair black.
Sinclair's "The Jungle" is on my need-to-read list.
I wish I had brown skin like my sisters Millie and Darci.
I like movies/books that make me cry.
"The Star Spangled Banner" makes me tear up.
The thinnest part of my waist is only 22 inches. (Average is about 25+)
When I was younger, my favorite color was I hate it.
I go to Taco Bell just for the Mtn. Dew Baja Blast.
My life was "Mean Girls" between 5th and 8th grade.
I almost tried out for Living Legends, but decided my hair is too short.
Brains over beauty all the way.
My declared major when I applied to BYU was neuroscience.
I could very happily live in Utah, So.Cal., or Texas.
In the past two years, I've lost about 40 lbs due to stress.
I only like brown boys. No really. I'm not as attracted to white guys. (Sorry?)
I have the biggest crush on Dave Ramsey. (He's the exception to the rule.)
Today, I had to ask a random guy outside my apartment to open a jar of jam for me.
I brush with baking soda so my teeth will be whiter.
My favorite debate topic was the justification of PMC's in the US military.
TSwift's new fragrance sample is being mailed to me.
I could never be friends with someone like myself.
Mosiah is my favorite book in the BOM, and Romans from the Bible.
I passed 10 AP tests in high school and got a 34 ACT.
I write things I've already finished on my "to do" lists.
Sharks are my favorite animals.
I wear a watch to make myself look more sophisticated.
I want to be called as a Relief Society teacher.
At work, I listen to Spanish lesson podcasts.
My dream vacation is a European tour. Italy, Greece, Spain, England, France, etc.
I want to go to Rio 2016 SO bad.
Glenn Beck has made me laugh to tears before. Love his show.
I want to have a black pug named Jamal.
I'm super excited for BYU football tomorrow!


Respect to anyone who read all of that. 
Have a happy day:)

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