Saturday, August 18, 2012

Today was absolutely wonderful! I'm truly enjoying my Late Summer Honors class. We spent 3 hours discussing Machiavelli's "The Prince." I've read it twice before, and both times I was looking for the negative. This time through, I tried to find legitimate, applicable advice for being a better leader in today's society. It was kind of like reading the Old Testament...As long as I sifted past all the evil, there were many flecks of gold! On top of that, we discussed the possibility of it being a satire. The Medici family, to whom Machiavelli wrote the political treatise, had tortured and exiled him. The outrageous notions in the pamphlet could be a metaphorical slap-to-the-face. Remember Swift's "A Modest Proposal?" I think both cleverly reveal human nature by exaggerating and pointing out flaws. And of course, Machiavelli was a major fan of the Roman Republic, not governments ruled by princes.

After class I read "Mandragola," which was very questionable. Then my family showed up to help me move in to my new apartment!

Yes this was super intimidating!!!

After about 2.5 hours work, I'd say it looks pretty good:) Unfortunately I forgot to buy the approved wall hooks to hang up my magnet board and copy of the Declaration of Independence... :(

That is one good looking desk:)

I brought way too many shoes...I have more stored under my bed -_- What will I do when I buy more?????

See Mommy? I told you I would get the filing cabinet to fit:) How else would I keep everything together?

Anyway, I miss Lehi, my family, Honu Kamehameha (seriously the best pet turtle ever), my oh-so-attractive debate team, Zoe Cooper, student council, and my best friend Jenna Marsden. I love you all so much. Be good.

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