Sunday, August 19, 2012 all know I'm a shameless Taylor Swift fan. But she has one song that I used to hate. Now after I've grown up (just a little bit), my perception has changed.

I was about fifteen years old when it came out, and I thought I was really mature. When I swore that I was going to marry him, I believed myself. I disliked this song because it characterized fifteen year old girls as dependent and ignorant. Looking back, I was so incredibly vulnerable and weak at that time in my life (even until just recently). My happiness was wholly contingent on another person. She was so right, and I was so wrong.

The reason I've reflected on this is that I've been hurting for a long time...but I've also felt it slowly slipping away this summer. I've felt Christ like love filling the spaces in my heart. I've been healing. Today, while at church, I felt the peace I've been seeking. I was flipping through the hymn book and came across exactly what I needed:

"As testimony fills my heart
It dulls the pain of days.
For one brief moment, Heaven's view
Appears before my gaze."

Despite everything that's happened, I have faith that I will come out on top. That testimony really brings things into perspective. I'm happy today and tomorrow and the next day. Every time I've fallen down, I have always gotten back up. I'm excited about the changes in my life. I'm ready for new experiences!

Aaand I'm watching "Tangled" tonight which always puts me in a happy mood! :)

I love you all.

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