Sunday, September 9, 2012

I'm so excited that this was an assignment:)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man studying at a religious institution of high learning, namely Brigham Young University, must be in want of an eternal wife; this being especially true upon the gentleman’s return from a monstrous amount of fortnights in the service of his God. The young and inexperienced freshman girls, though amiable and accomplished, are undoubtedly met with many happy opportunities to become acquainted with the aforementioned gentlemen.

One such female, Miss Sarah Crandall, arrived at the university mid-month August, leaving behind her modest abode in Lehi. Though she desperately missed her dear younger sister and the simple lifestyle she once enjoyed, Sarah found her new circumstances to be very favourable. She was determined to find a similar sense of solace and belonging, this being her leading experience away from home.

Sarah entered her first class, writing, with the necessary texts. Her eyes swept the room, carefully considering to which seated gentleman she would provide her contact information, and to which smiling lady she would retire next to.

“Hello, my name is Miss Sarah. What is your name?”

Emily politely introduced herself and the two began discussing their histories, lineage, and warm feelings towards pursuing a college education.

At this time, the professor walked into the room, successfully quieting the students with her presence. Sarah recognized the instructor’s striking resemblance to the fair Lady Emma Thompson, and ruminated on this realization until Sister Morris, the teacher, began the lecture.

Sarah was genuinely intrigued with the discussion, as she had always thought of reading as a beautifully private method of calming one’s tempers. She soon learned that writing, also, could be a tolerable way to explore one’s feelings; indeed, a way to increase self-understanding.

Despite the heart break of lonely weekends, the overwhelming amount of intellectual work to be accomplished, and excessive meals of yogurt and bread, Miss Sarah believed that these experiences would be advantageous. In the classroom that very day, she personally resolved to make writing a daily priority; by so doing, Sarah hoped to improve herself so that when such a gentleman appears—one who has completed the necessary service to God, and still seeks to serve Him—she will be prepared for matrimony.


  1. Best blog post ever. Except the part about liking guys and getting married. Say whattttt??? My little girl is growing up. ):


  2. Excuse me... MY little girl is growing up! And, ruminating upon the topic of matrimony a trifle too much much for a little girl .^_^. Enjoy being a woman before worrying about becoming a wife and/or mother! <3 Much smoochins' from Mommy

  3. Ha, Mom(s?) the whole marriage thing was a joke:P This was supposed to be written in the style of Jane Austen. Love you both!:)

  4. Love it. :) :D XD