Friday, September 21, 2012


Growing up with three sisters wasn't always easy...but I think growing up without any of these ladies would have been impossible.

Lindsay is my go-to girl for advice. She knows everything about everything. I guess that's what happens when you're almost 25 years OLD;) I'm so proud of her for serving a mission. It was really hard for me to have her gone, but my family was blessed because of her sacrifice. Our family has also been blessed by her marriage to the fantastic Robert Heidbrink, my favorite brother! Lindsay is a wonderful writer, a hard worker, and will someday be a great mother. (Hopefully soon because Mom is getting baby crazy and I want to be Auntie Rahrah asap.)

Could Darci (23 on Halloween) be any more adorable? Out of us four sisters, she was definitely blessed with the best features: beautiful hair, perfect facial structure, and the loveliest smile. On top of that, Darci is extremely talented! She plays violin very well and is self taught on piano. She's an artist, writer, and music composer. She has a very determined personality. My favorite thing about Darci is the service she renders to our family. She is always looking for ways to invite the Spirit into our home. I enjoy receiving random uplifting messages from her. Darci, you make a difference in my life.

There are not enough good things in this world to describe my 16 year old sister, Amelia. She is my best friend. I admire Millie for her passion about various things. She loves the Japanese language and culture. She is crazy about her cutesy pet turtle Honu and BYU football. Amelia is a great friend because she knows how to stand up for herself and for others. She is a wonderful example to me of regular temple worship. And to be frank, this girl knows how to shake her hips! I love spending time with her, whether it be window shopping, going on a walk, or cuddling in her bed.


  1. Love my 4 gals... <3 Mommy

  2. Wow. I'm so flattered :). Thanks for building me up, Rah. It's midterms time...let me know when you need an ice cream break and I'll grab you next time I'm in Provo ;)

  3. Love you two. Lindsay I will happily take you up on the offer:)