Monday, September 3, 2012

That would be me in a nutshell.

After much consideration, I've come to the conclusion that I think WAY too much. My roommate and I were discussing last night how sad it is that people don't take the time to meditate like they used to. In "Pride and Prejudice," Lizzie spent ample time reflecting on the words and actions of others. She was content to quietly fill her mind with conversations and sentiments. I miss that. 

Here are a few things that have been running through my mind lately:

1) Fall and winter. Normally I struggle with these two seasons. I tend to get very depressed when the weather is bleak and cold. I feel listless. Stuck in my bed. Wrapped under too many layers. Lonely. However, I've decided that I won't let fall and winter defeat me this year. The colder temperature is a great excuse for (vanilla) hot chocolate, sweaters, and cuddling. Unfortunately, I don't have anyone to cuddle with besides Amelia. I know someone I wouldn't mind cuddling with, but I'm trying really hard to let that run it's course. (Chill, Dad;) Regardless, winter is going to be magical this year.

2) Every fast Sunday I write letters to my missionaries, Elder Comer and Elder Christensen. (Former debate president and a friend from student council.) The scripture thought I sent them this month comes from Romans 5. The whole chapter is fantastic, but I especially like the first couple of verses. Trials refine us. They make us depend wholly on Christ. I think it's one of the most beautiful contradictions: we become stronger as we rely on Him. We should be continually praying for tribulations so that we can gain patience, experience, and hope.

3) My Honors Thesis. Today while doing some reading for my WRTG 150 H class, I had the GREATEST idea ever for my Honors Thesis. I'm so excited and inspired! I'll likely take the proposal class next semester or during the spring/summer semester. I need to start finding an adviser and I haven't even been accepted into the program yet! Ahhhh!

Well, it has been getting a little difficult to focus on school work when I have so much else to think about;) Expect a post in the near future about debate! (Hopefully you saw my wonderfully happy facebook announcement!) I miss all of you. Smile lots!


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