Friday, September 21, 2012

When was the last time you did something that absolutely scared you?

I asked Amanda that and she said, "Three weeks ago. When I moved in with you and Clarissa."

HA. Cute.

ANYWAY:) This past week, I did something that absolutely scared me. It was difficult, I'm super embarrassed, but it was so worth it. I enjoy purposefully taking on challenges. And maybe that's not necessarily the right way to put it... I enjoy NOT having regrets. So whether it be trying something new, sharing your feelings with someone, or taking a step forward in the dark, do something that absolutely scares you.

Sorry, Mom, about not posting consistently. A lot has happened. Here are some things I'm grateful for: my classes are all wonderful! Friends in my Spanish class. Having time to write in my journal. There are a lot of great resources on campus. My roommates--they are so much fun! My FHE brothers. I've received my dream calling. My job, hours, and coworkers. Profe Lopez and Brother Stice...the funniest teachers EVER. Sister Morris is amazing, too. Calls from home. Having time to listen to Glenn Beck each morning. Sweaters. So many grand opportunities. 

And of course, being at BYU is the greatest blessing. I couldn't ask for a better atmosphere and more beautiful campus!

I love you all.


  1. I love sweaters, too! But I love you more.
    Question: Your dream calling was Relief Society Teacher, right?


  2. Thanks honey! Yes it is:) I was set apart today!