Sunday, November 11, 2012

Receiving my Patriarchal Blessing

The way my seminary teacher explained it, everybody has a Patriarchal Blessing. Right now. But not everyone has received their Patriarchal Blessing. I knew I had one, but I kept waiting for the right moment to get it. In October, after the Prophet announced that sisters could serve missions at age 19, I decided that I wanted to serve. Receiving my Patriarchal Blessing seemed like a necessary first step. However, I still hadn't been given the confirmation that I had waited for.

I met with the Bishop and got the recommend. Immediately I felt the Spirit testifying to me that not only was it right for me to get my Patriarchal Blessing, but it was right for me to wait as long as I did.

In the past three months, I have changed so much! I haven't always been willing to "submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord" (Mosiah 24:15). I thought I had my life figured out. I had a 10-year-plan that I talked incessantly of. Then in August, God took away a large part of it. I was heartbroken. To an extent, I still am. But I have learned to wholly rely on Him and His Son. Things aren't working out at all like I hoped they would. My life is being put back together the way that God wants it to be. I feel like I can truly say to Him, "here's my heart, oh take and seal it, seal it for thy courts above."

These experiences have greatly strengthened my testimony. In addition, I have been attending the temple regularly (which is another story in and of itself), reading the scriptures with urgency, and praying more fervently. When I received my Patriarchal Blessing on November 2nd, I felt truly prepared.

I heard so many wonderful things. In my Patriarchal Blessing, there are promises and warnings that are relevant to my life right now. There are also a lot of things that aren't relevant to my life yet. Certain themes stand out to me--themes that I've always known would characterize my life. I have been given answers and promises and blessings. It was a faith building experience. I look forward to using my Patriarchal Blessing in the future to guide me through life.

That night was literally the best night of my life. My parents picked me up, took me to get my blessing, and then we got dinner at my favorite restaurant, Costa Vida. Then we went to Lindsay and Rob's place in Lindon where I hula danced with Millie and played Just Dance with Amelia and Linds. I spent quality time in the presence of my family and the Spirit. When I was going to bed, I tried to think of all of the "best nights" that I've had. Nothing beats what I experienced that night. I am so grateful for the true, restored Church of Jesus Christ.

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