Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Now, I normally try to be positive about the way I look. I think I have a decent enough face, and I like my smile and eye color. However, this week, I just feel ugly! My bottom left eyelid is swollen--I have no idea why. But it's puffy and pink and kind of hurts. On top of that my eyes and skin are dry from the cold weather. My hair isn't cooperating, my face is breaking out. I don't have the energy to wear anything besides a hoodie and I've been staying on campus after work each morning. Therefore, little to no make up each day. And I've been wearing my glasses, not contacts. On top of that, I'm getting almost no sleep and so I have huge bags under my eyes.


But I'm almost done. And then it's Moab, LEHI, San Diego, Santa Maria, LEHI, Manti, and more LEHI.

Much love to the fam. I'm still (barely) alive:)

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  1. Experiences like this will build character!! So glad you get to have them .^_^.
    <3 Mommy