Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Only Exception

As if you're not already convinced that I'm crazy, here I am retracting--mostly clarifying--a statement I made previously. I did not make the right decision, but I have learned a lot from the decision that I made. The regret that I feel leads me to believe that I was not appreciative of what I had when I had it. There were times, many times, over the past year that I could have worked things out. But I didn't. Yes, I've learned so much since then. Things that I could not have otherwise learned. However, I wish I could go back with what I know now and turn things around.

If I could teach you any one thing, it would be this: be grateful for what you have, and more importantly, who you have. Even when things are hard, hold on. Be gracious and forgiving and charitable. Never withhold loving service from someone who means the world to you. Never let small mistaken details interfere with something much grander and more beautiful. And above all, don't give up on love. Because if it's real and you choose to walk away, and it takes you too long to figure it out, then you might miss out on something wonderful.

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