Monday, February 25, 2013

Because I love econ:)

I love Econ 110. I really really do. As irrational as this is, given the horrible rumors surrounding this class, it's my absolute favorite. I love supply and demand. I love total and marginal and variable and fixed costs. Dr. Pope is a fantastic professor! He does this thing with his hands when he teaches, where it looks like he's about to punch someone in the face...with economics. He kind of reminds me of Mrs. Ingersoll from Lehi. He's straightforward, which is up there with the most wonderful character traits that anyone could ever have. I love how he let us watch Fiddler on the Roof in class. I love his stories about wall hanging things and utility gained from eating pizza. Econ 110 really is my favorite class, and probably the best one I've taken at BYU thus far.

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