Thursday, February 21, 2013

Strategy??? And other updates.

I got roses for Valentine's Day:) That was very unexpected. And tomorrow is my 4th date of the semester! Which has GOT to be a record. Seriously. I remember my Dad telling me that guys can just tell when a girl is ready to go on dates. So I guess I am? Which leads to my next update...

He's gone. It's a little surreal. I feel like things are right back to where they were three years ago: strangers. It's probably better this way. I didn't have friends in 10th grade, but I knew who I was. I feel like I'm getting back to that. (Except now I have friends too.) I'm happy with the way things worked out. I've learned a lot that I couldn't have learned otherwise. 

My mission papers have yet to be submitted. They were supposed to go in yesterday, but my stake president advised getting one more doctor's evaluation first. He said this will ensure that they'll go through the first time with out any issues. I was a little disappointed, but I know that this will streamline the process. Now I won't need to worry about them coming back. Fingers crossed for next week??

New semester, new goals. I realize I'm a little late...but you can see them on my "goals" page:) Hold me accountable, okay?

AND NOW, strategy.

I'm a "pre-management" major right now, meaning that I hope to be accepted into the business school. I apply in June. Once accepted, I have to select an emphasis. The plan is to do organizational behavior and human resources. However, another emphasis has caught my eye: strategy. It's a very elite program. In order to study business strategy, I'll have to apply to the business school, be accepted, and then apply again to the strategy program. They take applications for strategy every October. Only 50 people are accepted each year! It's based on GPA and high school ACT. And since I fried the ACT, I'll definitely have an advantage. The business strategy program has the highest job placement rate in the Marriott School! Even higher than accounting! That and the average starting salary for a strategy major is about $30,000 more than OB/HR. Soooo my plan is to apply to business management OB/HR in June, defer, serve a mission, then apply to strategy in October of 2015. 

Wish me luck:)

Love you all.

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