Monday, March 25, 2013

600 miles

As much as I like having you here, it's different trying to blog to an audience when I blogged to no one through all of high school. Here goes me:

Sometimes I wonder if I could ever cry it all out. As if with every tear I could shed a piece of us. I don’t want it. The memories, or the scars, or anything. The haunting, fighting words. Songs and special looks. Chocolate and vanilla. It’s disgusting to me. And every day is a constant battle—trying to let go but so desperately holding on to what we were supposed to be.

And then him. I have never been so hopeful, yet so afraid of trust. It's confusing and frustrating like I've never before known. I don't know how to be or how to even understand what's happening.

I hope that made sense the way it did in my head.

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