Thursday, March 7, 2013

Because I am the sun.


It's the direct Hawaiian translation for Sarah. It also is the Hawaiian word for money, which is cool. BUT, if you separate it, it means the sun. Ka la. I think that matches me, and I love it. I love the beach. And the Beach Boys. I love summer and especially early summer morning sunrises. I love Sunny D. I love hiking, swing sets, and picnics. I love outdoor naps. I love the sun sun sun. And I am proud to have a name somewhat related to it.

Other sunny things in my life:

My mission papers have been in for a week
We learned futuro y futuro condicional en mi clase de espanol
I have a date this weekend
My family is great
I went to a mission prep fireside with Pres. Samuelson
I'm doing very well in all of my classes
FHE this Sunday
Yummy birthday cake is forthcoming
Being like a wok--a non-stick surface
I have housing set up for spring

And most importantly, feeling happy happy happy. And not worrying about feeling sad again.  Feeling sad is inevitable, for everyone. So why should I let that interfere with my happiness now? I am the sun because I am bright and happy and I owe it all to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

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  1. My little brother's middle name is Kala [: I love the idea of embracing your name as part of loving yourself and your personality...