Saturday, May 4, 2013

It was a strange day for the UCRP.

Today I attended my second convention as a delegate for the Utah County Republican Party! First of all, let us all take a few moments to appreciate how cute I looked. This is future politician material right here!

Next, we are going to stare lovingly at the wonderful sight of the political process in action! Please note the beautiful American flags lining the walkway <3

Now, this is what actually happened: the day carried on with meeting candidates, honoring veterans, hearing speeches, and casting an informed ballot for party officers and State Central Committee members. And yes, I did again meet Jason Chaffetz. I reminded him that I am his biggest fan and he let me know that he's excited to give me a tour of Capitol Hill in ten days.

It was a strange day for the UCRP because of the results of the election. The new party chair is Casey Voeks, a 24-year-old who runs the Space Center and never attended college, but headed the Mia Love campaign. The office of vice party chair was won by Daryl Acumen, an African American nonmember from back East. Those two definitely do NOT fit the typical "old white men" stereotype of the GOP. Well, I guess as an 18-year-old girl who's quarter Asian, I don't quite fit the bill either :)

For the information of my precinct members: I voted for both Daryl and Casey. I liked the enthusiasm they brought to the table, especially in wanting to attract the youth vote. As a part of the rising generation, I want to help more college students become actively involved in politics. Additionally, I feel that a lot more could be done to improve on the use of social media and current data, things which both new officers seem capable of. (Of course there are many more reasons, and I would love for you to contact me if you have any questions!)

Also, the new members of the State Central Committee that are representing Senate Districts 11 & 13 are David Lifferth, Heather Williamson, Becky Pirente, and Melissa Gonzalez. (Only these four were present, and I feel confident in having all of them represent me.)

I'm grateful for the caucus system in Utah that enables informed and invested citizens to work closely with candidates to ensure that our party produces the best nominees possible! I would encourage every Utah voter to learn more about how the caucus system works and why it needs to be protected.

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