Thursday, July 25, 2013

Yay life.

I'm pretty sure I haven't blogged the entire month of July. I have four or five saved posts, but nothing quite describes the way I feel or the things I've been through. Summer has been good to me, overall, but I am definitely exhausted from 14 consecutive months of classes. My mission papers have been in (again) for 20 days now, and I'm not sure whether or not I'll receive a call. Technically they're not supposed to be in. I'm also sort of dating a guy but things are up in the air because I might possibly be moving back home in four weeks and then preparing to go on a mission. I have a job and classes for the fall, but my life is kind of hinging on the mission department at the moment. I'm incredibly confused, as usual, but I've been generally happy.

If any of you know what I should do with my life, kindly share. I'm running out of ideas ;)

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